The easiest way to start
SW education

We provide learning management system including
the 17th curriculum, textbook, and guidance material for teachers,
instructors, and parents who are interested in education.

NO experience required

Everyone can become SW education experts if you use CODMOS.

Based on visual coding language

Interesting learning contents in game form

We made contents so that
children can be
immersed into them and learn them
interestingly by using visual programming language

in block form that minimized
children's cognitive burden.

60,000 people are learning

Verified computational thinking skill education curriculum

CODMOS's education curriculum that is created step-by-step
and systematically
adjusted mistakes of coding education
that may focus on grammar education and

it allows to focus on enhancement of
computational thinking skill.

in accordance with government-set 2015 amended curriculum

Support teaching laerning such as education guidance plan

CODMOS's curriculum follows 2015
amended curriculum faithfully, so you can
use various educational materials
such as guidance plan for teachers which are offered
at no charge
and apply them right into elementary

and secondary classes.

schedule and progress management for each student

Easy and convenient LMS system

Experience CODMOS's easy and convenient LMS system.
You can create study group
and allocate students with just one click,
and you can
check and manage
learning schedule,
progress, and achievement
for each student.

Students' CT capability comprehensive assessment
through CODMOS level test

자료 처리 능력

문제 해결에 필요한 자료를 선별하고
이를 분석해 활용 가능한 정보로
가공하는 능력입니다.

추론 능력

문제 내부의 주요한 특징이나 속성,
규칙을 찾아내고 아직 주어지지 않은
정보를 논리적으로 유추하는

추상화 능력

문제의 단위를 작게 나누고 핵심 요소를
추출해 문제 해결을 위한 뼈대를 세우는

자동화 능력

잘 가공된 문제를 컴퓨터를 통해
해결할 수 있도록 점진적으로
테스팅, 디버깅 과정을 거쳐
구현하는 능력입니다.

일반화 능력

다양한 문제 해결 방법을 평가하고
다른 문제에도 적용하는 능력입니다.

CODMOS curriculum
which 60,000 children learn nationwide

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Students' CT capability comprehensive assessment
through CODMOS level test

  • LCS 01 Free courses(Code Syntax)
  • LCT 01 Free courses(Computational thinking)
  • Offer computational thinking skill level test at no charge
  • Offer accounts of 30 students
  • Educator dashboard
  • Teaching learning guidance plan that can be applied right away
  • Unnecessity of prior education experience